Funtwo Jeong-Hyun Lim

I am an instrumental rock guitarist from South Korea living in the beautiful country of Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

I was just an ordinary computer science student studying at Auckland University who liked to play the electric guitar. One fine day I woke up in the afternoon, wanted to get some feedback on my playing so uploaded a video clip on to a site called Mule. Then one day an anonymous person who is known as 'guitar 90' uploaded it on to youtube. 
Millions of people around the world started to watch and comment on the clip which to my surprise lead to me becoming an unexpected star. 

I like to revamp classical pieces into rock and also write my own instrumental rock music. 
I play music by famous composers in the likes of Pachelbel, Vivaldi and Beethoven. 

My musical influences are Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Dream Theater, trance music, Vivaldi and Bach. My experiences travelling around the world and little things in everyday life give me inspiration in my music too. 

My music have no lyrics. But through the guitar I express things that are in my mind which expresses more than words can express. 

I self produce my music and currently working towards releasing my first album.

Funtwo proudly endorses and enjoys playing with :

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